VIHAR LAKE – A Lake With Various Mysteries

VIHAR LAKE – A Lake With Various Mysteries

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Vihar Lake Details:

  • Location: Vihar lake is located near a village called as Vihar which is precincts to the Borivali National Park(also called as Sanjay Gandhi National Park)
  • Area: 18.96
  • Region: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Speciality: Largest lake in Mumbai, Source of water supply in Mumbai
  • Nearest Railway Station: Jogeshwari & Andheri(Both)
  • Nearby Tourist Places: Aarey Colony, Powai Lake, Sanjay Gandhi National Park

About the Vihar Lake

vihar lakes

BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Cooperation) Vihar lake is located near a village called as Vihar which is precincts to the Borivali National Park(also called as Sanjay Gandhi National Park). It was built on 1860 and it was consider as the largest lake in Mumbai group of Islands. Vihar Village is located on the banks of Mithi River and this Lake (Vihar Lake) is one of the major source of water supply in Mumbai.

This lake share its bank with Tulsi and Powai Lake along with Sanjay Gandhi National park. Vihar lake includes excellent climate and this place is best place to visit during monsoon.

lake near powai

Vihar lake is a type of fresh water reservoir which has a catchment area of 18.96 and was started for construction by British Government on January 1856. The surface area of this lake is 7 and depth of this lake is 34m(112ft) max. with water volume of 9,200,000,000 imp gallon.

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vihar mumbai

It comes under Salsette Islands of Mumbai.  The motive for constructing this lake was the acute shortage of water resulted in protest by locals in the year 1845. In 1850, Captain Crawford submitted a report favouring the Vihar Scheme for Mumbai city’s water supply needs.

The work for Vihar lake was then started in the year 1856 during governorship of John Lord Elphinstone. Vihar lake has beautiful hills and the Flora and Fauna is protected by BMC and SGNP Authority.

vihar lake near powai

The Flora and Funa of this place is beautiful. It has been said that this lake inhabit the fresh water crocodiles or Marsh crocodiles of species Crorcodilus palustris. It has higher number of species in reptiles and also Khair species has been noted in the catchment area of the lake.

Vihar Lake~2

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How To Reach Vihar Lake

As per the rules of SGNP and BMC, you can’t visit Vihar lake due to security reasons. It is restricted to visit this place since 1993 and if anyone passed through and get caught can be penalized for Rs. 500. When going to the entrance point, it is clearly mentioned on the gate. 

You need to take permission from Gazetted A Grade officer for visit if you want to enter this place legally. It is said that this place is risky for visiter as there are crocodiles inside the fresh water and you can be a meal to them. Though there are few routes one can take through Vihar village in order to reach the lake.

Vihar lake garden

But going till the lake is risky and if you want to visit this place, you can do that at your own risk.

There are various route to enter into Vihar lake, but it is just for informational purpose. It is still recommended not to visit this place without prior permission. There is a shortcut route through mountain opposite to the gate. If you have a cycle, it is very handy to go through that route and to reach Vihar Lake.

Another route to reach this place is from Bangura. You can actually view the clean water. One can walk from Bangoda Village and can reach to the lake and get the good close view of the lake. If you have a cycle, there is also a route from Chota Kashmir road. Also you can go from powai and by taking left from L and T bridge, if coming from Andheri, it will take you to the entry gate from where you can just see the glimpse of Vihar lake.

Vihar lake forest

The BMC restricted this area as precautionary measure and it is advised not to spoil the beauty and decorum of this place even if you get in this place. It is observed that there is no watchmen in this place and many people visit this place illegally. So if you planned visiting this place.

Visit this place at your own risk  

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mumbai vihar lake

Food to Eat

There are various restaurant near Vihar lake such as Hotel Durga Prasad Restaurant (0.3 km from Vihar Lake), Hungry Head (0.5 km from Vihar lake), The Chocolate Room (0.5 km from Vihar Lake).

If you have high budget for food, Herbs and Spice (Multi Cuisine, Continental etc) 1,500 for two. Lake View Café (for Italian, north Indian, Continental) 3,000 for two. Fratelli Fresh ( Italian) 4,000 for two. Emperor’s Court (Dessert  and Chinese) 4,000 for two.

LAKE in mumbai vihar lake

For lower budget to middle budget, Hotel Shiv Sankar(200 for two), Brewberrys(200 for two), Gopi Fast food(250 for two), Zatar(380 for two (American,Lebanese,Arabian)), Boda (500 for two (North Indian, Mughlai, Bengali)), Fusion Restaurant and Bar (600 for two).

These restaurant can be far from Vihar lake, so it is suggested to visit restaurant mentioned in first paragraph if you want restaurant in walkable distance.

Speciality Of Vihar Lake

Vihar Lake doesn’t have anything so special as such but visiting this place is worth visiting for its climate and site scenes. You can spend your whole day as a mind buster and feeling relax and happy.

how to reach vihar lake

Team Unseen Safar has visited this place at time of monsoon and capture some beautiful experience related to our trip on our YouTube channel. You can also visit our gallery to see some of the beautiful picture and short videos of Vihar lake. Visit this place and share your memory with us. We believe in that “Don’t be a Tourist, Be a Traveller”.

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