Unheard Tale Of A Dead Shoe

Unheard Tale Of A Dead Shoe

I died because I was not taken to the doctor, Could anything be more painful?

Yes. My life. That was even more painful.

Hello, I am Mr Shoe. Do you know me ???

Of course you all do. In fact, you all can not do without me. But do you value me??  Hard to answer?  I know You do not.

Did you ever wonder how I felt about it, how I spent my sorrowful life with unfulfilled expectations, without any love or respect? Did you even know what I went through my entire life? From the starting till the end I didn’t find a moment of solace in my life.

To begin with, the process of my birth was so long. I had to wait many days and go through several stages to come into being.

Firstly, they cut the shoe parts in cutter fashion. Since I was to be given a lower middle class family, they did not use any specific shoe material but a normal one.

Secondly, those parts were stitched, punched and assembled together to make uppers and sole and at last the uppers and sole were joined together with a strong gripping at the bottom since I had to be the Mr Trekking shoe that means my occupation was to be a trekking shoe. At last they cured, burnished and added laces in me. And yes finally I was a shoe.

Then a few men came and took me and my look alike brothers from the shoe industry to shops. I was so excited for the new beginning with my brothers but then They put us in different sections of that store according to our family status. At first I felt hurt but got used to it in a few days.

I spent my precious time sitting idle in that store without any work but I Had this hope that one day someone would buy me. But I spent many weeks waiting for that someone. People used to come and buy the richer ones like reebok, adidas, puma, Bata and woodland totally ignoring my existence. I was becoming sad day by day.

Finally, one fine day God heard my prayers and a virtuous lady came. she picked me up, looked at me in and out then took me to the billing counter.

Hurray! I was bought.

I was thrilled for the life ahead.

She took me home. Wow She had a beautiful house. I thought “where will she keep me?”

And the moment she took me toward her shoe rack where other rich shoes were kept.  I started respecting her more for she was not discriminating among us. But I felt uncomfortable when I saw a lady shoe (STILETTOS) sitting next to me with a stern look. She was scrutinizing me angrily as if I did any crime by sitting next to her. She was very classy and arrogant among all the shoes the lady had for she was that lady’s favourite and mostly worn for parties which was her profession.

I decided to give my hundred percent to my master because I also wanted to be her favourite but she never wore me.

I waited and waited, and was again heartbroken.

Then finally that day came when she took me out and wore me for trekking.

I was super happy and tried to give my best.

I protected her from all the pebbles, gravel and heat on the way.

And when she started hiking the mountain, I used my grip and guarded her feet from all sorts of danger, securing  her safety  from all dark stones, rocks and stones on the way even though every ounce of my body was getting hurt those stones were stinging me badly.

I was completely exhausted yet gave everything I had. But while we were returning I was ripped while protecting her from thorns.

Still she did not throw me away and somehow managed to stitch me and down climbed the mountains. Wow what a good woman she was that’s what i thought. “Maybe she’ll take me to the doctor” oh my big dreams shattered as soon as she threw me away after coming down and bought a new pair though i could have been saved but i died.

And that’s how my journey ended.

What?? Are you feeling sad for me? Please stop this hypocrisy. I know you all do the same thing without even a second thought and do not value your things. So if you want to do something, do not let your things die before their death.


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