Tracing Down The Journey To Irshalgad Trek

Tracing Down The Journey To Irshalgad Trek

Among the lavishing and exotic places in Maharashtra, Irshalgad trek(Irshalgad Fort) stands as an untouched gem. This blissful sphere with the unspoiled touch of nature is heavenly to witness during the raging monsoon period. This gem is located between Panvel and Matheran, which is well-known for its high difficulty level among the trekkers. (Not recommended for amateurs)

Irshalgad Trek Details

Irshalgad trek difficulty levelEasy to Moderate difficulty
Base VillageIrshalwadi
RangeSahyadri Hills
Height3700 feet above sea level
Time2 – 3 hrs
Nearest Railway StationKarjat
LocationKarjat, Maharashtra, India

Best Time to Visit: June – February

Irshalgad is one of the most favored Maharashtra trek spots due to the spectacular view it proffers. The name of this crowned pinnacle derived from “Irshal” meaning “Top” and “Gad” meaning “Fort”. It is considered to be the sister fort to Prabalgad. Earlier, Irshalgad pinnacle stood as a watchtower that kept track of the enemies from distance. 

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Irshalgad trek
Irshalgad pinnacle


Nanivali is the reach base village from where you enter Irshalwadi village. Your next landmark is to find the temple dedicated to the local deity from where you can access the Irshalgad plateau. Until you reach the pinnacle base, Irshalgad trek monsoon is a comfortable walk.

irshalgad fort history

We reach the needle hole after encountering a water tank while pacing through the rock patches. Rock climb is difficult at times but never impossible!

Prabalgad is a 20 km long walk from this spot if you wish to travel across there.

How To Reach Irshalgad Fort?

The nearest station is Karjat while you can reach there from the Chowk bus stop and cross Chowk railway station as well to reach the Morbe Dam road. One can also get down at Panvel and reach the spot by a rickshaw. The Chowk town is nestled on NH4 that connects with Karjat to Panvel. And it is a great and smooth drive from Mumbai as well as Pune.

Irshalgad fort location

A private vehicle is indeed a wise choice for sure if you got a group of trekkers to join you.

By Road Mumbai:

Mumbai – Vashi – Panvel – Chouk – Irshalwadi

By Road Pune:

Pune – Lonavala – Khopoli – Chouk – Irshalwadi

morbe dam 1


At Irshalgad, there are various water cisterns cut that contribute to its beauty. The Irshalgad trek monsoon can be a smooth climb if you have the right types of climbing equipment.

The climbing fraternity will leave you spellbound. This trek will stand as a worthy spot from which coming back to begin your daily hustles will evoke peace. Bring home a sack of blissful memories from the top of the pinnacle.

irshalgad pinnacle

Trekking is for the brave hearts who are ready to conquer new heights. And Irshalgad is extremely the best one to conquer for sure.

Our team decided on this place due to the rich history and elegant geography it beholds. It was a great challenge to complete, yet we did!

Our journey through these rickety routes was successful due to our constant endurance throughout the trek. We were successful to witness various forts like Prabalgad, Matheran, Chanderi, and Karnala a top hidden below the cloud rings which was jaw-dropping and mesmerizing.

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Irshalgad trekking

We recommend the Irshalgad pinnacle to all the trek enthusiasts out there.

Explore the Nature and Fall in Love with this Vicinity.

Ps: Fort ruins on a scenic mountain peak is awaiting you!

irshalgad trek monsoon
irshalgad trek route

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

Things to See

  • Water Tanks
  • Morbe dam
  • Temple of Goddess Irshaldevi
  • Matheran Mountain Range
  • Prabalgad & Karnala fort view
  • Needle Hole
  • Manikgad
  • Chanderi

Nearby Places

  • Kalavantin Durg
  • Prabalgad Fort
  • Sondai Fort
  • Matheran
  • Karnala Fort
  • Morbe Dam
  • ND Studio
  • Garbett Point

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