Tikona Fort Trekking: Best Attractions in Lonavala

Tikona Fort Trekking: Best Attractions in Lonavala

Are you too bored inside your homes? Don’t let a pandemic take a toll on you. You can go outdoors and follow your past hobbies such as trekking and camping. Lonavala is the nearest and our favourite destination. But this time you need to go to some new spots rather than the same-old Bushi dam and sunset point! So, keep your trekking bags and gear ready because we are here to improve your mental health through nature’s touch at 3500 feet.

Tikona Fort Details:

Tikona trek difficulty levelMedium
Base VillageTikona peth
Time1.5 – 2 hour
Height3500 ft. (approx.)
Nearest Railway StationLonavala
LocationTikona, Tikonapeth tal, dist, Mulshi, Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit – Monsoon & Winter

Tikona Fort Trek

Interesting History of Tikona Hill Fort

The name of the fort Tikona means triangular as it has a pyramidal shape. It is also known as Vitandgad fort. There is no information about who built this fort. However, locals estimate its existence since 7 to 8 century A.D. The building of the fort took place during the Sahara dynasty. Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah annexed it and, then Shivaji Maharaj conquered it. Deshmukh kept it under their rule till 1660 and, Jaysingh attacked it in 1665.

According to the Treaty of Purandar, it fell in the hands of Kubadkhan. Aurangzeb’s son offered it to King Sambhaji in 1682. But he preferred another fort over this one and it was under British rule in 1818.

Tikona Hill Fort

Is Tikona fort nearer for Mumbaikers or Punekars?

It is in the Maval region in Pune. You can reach Tikona fort by your vehicle, bus, or train through Mumbai or Pune. It is 50 kilometers far from Pune and 120 kilometres far from Mumbai. If you are a foreigner, then you need to take a flight to New Pune International Airport.

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But if you are coming from Mumbai, you can catch a Pune train and then a bus to Kamshet station. You can take the Lonavala train and then get down at Kamshet station if you are a Punekar. Both Mumbaikar’s and Punekars have to reach Kamshet station. Then they can take a bus or jeep to Kale colony, Pound or Morsay.

Tikona fort

If you want to see the famous sunset and sunrise of Tikona Fort, then you should start the trek early in the morning at 4.30. Since you should come back before dark, it is necessary to start the trek back to the entrance by 4.30 PM.

Your cost with transportation per person will be around 800 rupees. The cost of transportation may vary as per your mode of transportation. However, it will be majorly around 1500 rupees.

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You can’t get bored at Tikona Fort!

temple devi
Temple of Lord Hanuman

There are temples of Lord Hanuman and remains of Vetal Darwaja. There is a lake in front of Tuljadevi temple. There are also remains of animal pulled stone grinder and Satvahan caves at the final rock-cut steep steps. What can be more enthralling than Tikona fort camping at a secluded cave?

Tikona top temple

There is a bastion at the end of these steps. There is a Trymbakeshwar temple at the top of the fort and a huge water tank.

You can easily see other tourist attractions such as Visapur, Tung, Lohagad, and Pawna Lake once you reach the top of the Tikona fort. Apart from the attractions at Tikona Fort, other attractions include Lohagad fort, Pawna Lake, Visapur Fort at a distance of 10 kilometres. There is also Lion’s Point and Temple Pilots Paragliding at a distance of 15 kilometres.

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Relish Tikona Fort Trek through the best route

You can enter the fort from the two prongs easily as compared to the third prong. You will enjoy your Tikona hill fort trek if you choose your way according to your trekking skills. If you are a beginner, you can go through the two prongs namely Tikona Peth and Gevhande. Both these entrances have bastions and gates. However, if you have done many difficult treks, then you can go through the third prong.

Tikona water tank

The use of a ditch at the third entrance i.e Chor Darwaza is for protecting the rifles and cannons. This is what makes the climb very difficult. Since very few visitors go through that route, there is vegetation on it.

You can easily reach the entrance in an hour and complete the trek in another hour. Hence, you can do one-day trekking at Tikona Fort. You need not worry about your safety since the trail is marked. Since the roads are very wide, you need not fear any accidents or difficulty in trekking.

Tikona Peth

There are also ropes at the edge to make the climbing easier. However, you should always be cautious and carry along with your masks and sanitizers.

Arrangements required to go to Tikona Fort

You need to carry 2 to 3 liters of water along with energy bars, Glucon D, personal First aid, medicine, and torch. You need to be prepared with sun gear or rain gear as per the month that you are going to the Fort. The temperature in the summer season is 20 degrees celsius to 39-degree celsius.

Tikona pinnace

It rains very heavily in the rainy season. The best idea is to take the food along with you however if you haven’t, then there are five restaurants at the distance of 4 kilometres from Tikona Fort. These restaurants are not at the Tikona Fort but in the base village. In the base village, the locals can prepare vegetarian home-cooked food for you if you ask them. 

Tikonatop scene
tikona top view

Since the restaurants are far, you need to at least carry snacks along with you. These restaurants are Tikona Picnic, Malhar Machi, Mountain Bar and Bistro, The Bob House, and Hotel Tikona Fort and Camping. Please carry a bag along with you and not spoil the beauty of nature.

This is the best and pocket-friendly trek ever which you need to go to, right now. We gave you all the possible information to decrease your anxiety. You are more than prepared to face the uncertain situations at Tikona Fort if you have read our blog with great attention.

Tikona top

Nearby Places

  • Lohagad Fort
  • Pawna Lake
  • Visapur Fort
  • Tung Fort
  • Temple pilots paragliding
  • Lion’s Point
Pawna Camping

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