Sinquerim Fort Goa – Means to your Peace and Freedom

Sinquerim Fort Goa – Means to your Peace and Freedom

If you are someone who loves architecture and photography, then Sinquerim Fort is going to be your second home. As it is located on Sinquerim beach which is 18 kilometers away from Panaji, it allures you with a panoramic view of white beach and blue water. Even the broken structures have the potential to woo the lovers of architecture. Imagine how beautiful the fort with its entire structure would be! So, let us provide you with a Sinquerim fort travel guide.

Sinquerim Fort History

Portuguese created it in 1613. They did so to prevent Maratha and Dutch from invading it. Ships that arrived from Europe referred to this fort as a center. Its primary task was to ensure the safety of these ships. As there is a stream of water in this fort, it is also well-known as Aguada. Aguada means water. The water stream supplied water to the fort as well as the ships that arrived here.

Sinquerim Fort structure
Sinquerim Fort Architecture

Sinquerim Fort Architecture

Tourists are attracted to it especially because of its amazing architecture. The height of the tall lighthouse is 13 meters. Its creation took place in the year 1864. And it lets them see the scenic views from a good height. You would love to watch sunrise and sunset from here. It will also provide you with a good palace to click photographs. There is a lighthouse and its use was to provide light to the fort. Interestingly, they renovated it in the year 1976 to give it a modern look. Earlier, this lighthouse had a majestic bell. However, it was then transferred to the church which is in Panaji.

Way to reach Sinquerim Fort

sequirium view

Its location is in the Sinquerim village which is in proximity to Candolim. Once you reach Panaji, you can take a bus or other means of road transport to arrive at Sinquerim fort. It will take you 40 minutes to reach from Panaji to Sinquerim fort. Bikes and taxis are available with ease so do not worry about it.

What is the best time to visit Sinquerim Fort?

Only when the weather is favourable to you, you can enjoy your visit to Sinquerim Fort Goa and Beach. You will adore it here between October to March. You should go in the morning and the evening.

sequirium beach
Sinquerim Fort Goa

Goa Places to Visit

Religious spots

There are several churches near Sinquerim Fort Goa such as Mae De Deus Church, St. Diogo Church, Our Lady of Succour Church, Our Lady of Good Hope Church, and Church of Our Lady of Penha De Franca among several others. There is also Maruti Temple, Shri Dharamnath Jain Shwetambar Jain Mandir whose intricate pillars and sculptures will leave you in awe. Not only youngsters but even your grandparents can accompany you to Goa.


There is Sinquerim Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Dona Paula Beach near the Sinquerim Fort Goa. You will love to be by the side of the shiny waters reflecting the sunlight.

dias beach


Haven’t you heard a lot about the wax museum in Goa? It is Benz Celebrity Wax Museum. Though you couldn’t meet your favourite celebrity in person, you can witness him/her here. Other museums include the Museum of Goa and the Houses of Goa Museum.

Your itinerary will be full of things to do in Goa. It will be worth visiting here.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort has a historical heritage of about 400 years. It is a huge and peculiar castle that defines the landscape of Goa. This fort and its lighthouse are one of the most popular attractions in Goa.

aguada fort

Places to visit near by:

Colourful houses

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