She Painted The Walls Of The City When Everyone Was Trying To Ruin It

She Painted The Walls Of The City When Everyone Was Trying To Ruin It

She painted the walls of the city when everyone was trying to ruin it. The city where each and everyone has a lot of dreams, ambitions, and wishes to be successful. In that chaos, there was Niharika Jain came right from the deserts of Rajasthan.

It was a hot summer day in Rajasthan, where hot dry winds were blowing the sands domes and the shrubs turn yellow due to heat I, as my usual working day was collecting water from the well which was situated around 15 km away from my village. Due to summers, our village normally faces scarcity of water.

Our domestic camels survive the hot dry winds, but our other domestic animals especially the cow’s moo seem like he mourns. Since childhood, I have never had big dreams. I was a girl who finds happiness in small things.

I was good in studies. I topped the whole class again with 80% marks. Everyone adores my intelligence and my teacher keeps insisting my guardian send me to the city so that I can learn better. I had a keen interest in painting. I used to arrange paints and paintbrushes and paint the brownish dry floor of my house with some creative painting.

I got an offer from one of the biggest institutes in the city as I cleared the exam. Before I was leaving, I made the promise to the headmaster of my school that one day I will make him proud and I will contribute to change the village. After few chit-chats, I left the village for an incredible journey waiting ahead.

As soon as I came here to this city, I was flabbergasted by the lifestyle of people here. They do party, have nightlife, open-minded, and good to hang out with. I join them, talk to them, and learned from them. This life of glamour and fun was something I feel everyone in the rural is a dream life for them. I was lucky enough to experience it. But, it is not good for the city.

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The city suffers from pollution and handles a lot of noise. There is a huge difference in the lifestyle of people living here. Some of them are so poor that they can hardly afford food for survival whereas there are people who waste food on daily basis.  Perhaps, I was neither of those. I was a middle-class girl and this class holds the majority of the city’s population. I thought to do something for this city.

People in this city were busy ruining the city. Cutting trees, racism, pollution, crimes, killing animals, social discrimination, and many more. They waste so much water. I wonder to take them to a field trip visit of my home town village where we use to walk 15 km from our village to water wells just to collect water in hot dry summer. People of the city don’t respect the resources available to them. Maybe because they never understood the importance of it.

So I decided that I need to do something for this city. But what I can do? How could I sensitize the people of the city about the abundance of resources they possess? I did a lot of brainstorming on this. I join a few NGOs to do something, but I felt it wasn’t enough.

One day I was traveling by bus. I was sitting on the window seat, I just saw plain walls. I wonder, why is it so plain? Is this could be the best way to sensitize people by painting the walls? Yes, it could work. These walls could be the solutions for sensitizing the people to protect the city.

Just like a soldier carries a weapon to protect, I carried the paintbrush. I just started painting the walls where I cover various social topics. Save water, women empowerment, and a lot of topics I covered creatively and innovatively and also added the beauty on the walls of the city. While painting the walls, I remembered the old days when I used to paint the dry floor of my house. I feel the painting and in that flow, I covered nearby the whole city. Every wall with a message and a sense of creativity. I just painted the walls when the whole world was ruining it………..But

They are still ruining it. Many of them changed, but still, a lot of changes are required.  My headmaster once called me when he saw a viral picture of mine going through the internet. He told me that I made him proud. But I need to do more, and I will keep giving my best to protect the city. This city gave me a lot, what I could do is to return as much as possible.

It’s my opinion that whoever reads this must also contribute to the welfare of the city because these cities have a lot of hidden pain, the pain which people living here give to them. So I conclude my part by making you aware that your single step towards your city can give a huge impact not only on the city but also on your dignity of never using the privilege which we got for free.

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