Pandavkada Falls-Cyclists’ Heaven & Kharghar Hills

Pandavkada Falls-Cyclists’ Heaven & Kharghar Hills

Pandavkada Falls is a 107-meter high waterfall near Mumbai. It is 12 kilometres from the Kharghar Hills. It flows through the mountains of the Western Ghats of Mumbai. And it cascades down onto the rock formation below at tremendous speed. In the case of heavy traffic, it takes about 3 hours to reach the waterfall from Mumbai. But if there is no traffic, then only an hour and a half from Navi Mumbai are enough.

So, this attraction is ideal for a short hike or a picnic day. During the monsoon season, it is beautiful because mountains have lush natural vegetation. You can get beautiful pastimes from your routine itinerary.

pandavkada falls
Pandavkada falls

Kharghar is part of Navi Mumbai, India. During the monsoon, the Kharghar Hills Navi Mumbai wear a green cloak. Catch the local train from Mumbai CST (Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal) station. It takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to reach Kharghar. Kharghar Hill is a tranquil emerald green located in the heart of Navi Mumbai. The Kharghar Hills lie at an altitude of about 200 m in the MSL and are part of the Sahayadri Hills in the Western Ghats.


Kharghar hills Location

Kharghar Hills is an urban jungle in the cement of Navi Mumbai. Right across from the Kharghar Golf Course Driving Range, there is a trekking trail. The short walk to Phanaswadi village is 1.75 kilometres, lasting between 25 and 30 minutes. After Vashi and Nerul, Kharghar is the most acclaimed node in Navi Mumbai. You can go here from the Pune route from Mumbai. In Kharghar, many industrial and commercial sectors are booming.

Kharghar Hills Navi Mumbai
Kharghar-hills sunrise

The lush green hills surrounding the Kharghar node give Hill Station charm, especially during the monsoon season. This hill is very suitable for hikers and hikers. So, adventure seekers will be very interesting when visiting Kharghar Node in Navi Mumbai.

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How does it look?

Technically speaking, this is a valley surrounded by mountains. The golf course and Central Park face each other and are the lungs of this suburb. The hills extending from south to north along the golf course are called Kharghar heaven hills. These hills only rejuvenate during the monsoon period from June to mid-October.

Kharghar Hills is a node of Navi Mumbai, about 5 kilometres from Navi Mumbai, which is a jewel in Navi Mumbai crown. The mountainous area of ​​Kharghar covers around 150 hectares, of which CIDCO owns around 100 hectares.

Kharghar heaven hills
Kharghar heaven hills picture
boy with a cycle

 It was built, developed and maintained by the City of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO). This is the top of a mountain where the locals will hike every morning and afternoon. It is closed during the monsoon season due to landslides. Kharghar has developed into a modern city with the most advanced infrastructure and significant urban development, such as the establishment of special economic zones, airports and golf courses.

Kharghar hills waterfalls are a beautiful combination of someone looking for adventure as well as peace of mind and fun activities.

Kharghar-hills top view

Want to do fun activities here?

Sick people can complete it in 90-120 minutes, and healthy people can complete it. in 60-75 minutes. Although shrubbery may be a better term, the trail goes through a wooded area. Besides hiking, cycling is also very interesting here. This is one of the favourite routes of great cyclists. This is due to the distance from the city. Therefore, even beginners can enjoy Kharghar hills cycling without spending a lot of time.

boy with a cycle
cycle at top of hills

Pandavkada Falls

 Pandavkada falls are also closely related to Pandavas and Mahabharata. Although not mentioned in the script, the Pandavas are said to have visited and bathed in this waterfall during their exile. Some people also believe that they came to the waterfall through a tunnel in the mountain and lived somewhere nearby.

pandavkada falla navi mumbai

Therefore, the attraction also has a mythological meaning. Some people also believe that the waters have become sacred since the Pandavas visited the waterfall. This place is also called Pandavkada Ankit. For an entrance fee of INR 50 per person, this attraction becomes one of the best places to escape on the weekends. That said, tourists are advised not to enter the water as it can be dangerous.

shoes picture with waterfalls
  • Don’t stay idle here!

It is at a short walking distance to reach the Pandavkada waterfall. If it’s convenient for them, some tourists can also drive to the bottom of the waterfall. There are some parking spaces in Gurudwara, located on the main road, a few kilometres from the Pandavkada Falls. Visitors can also spend time at Gurudwara before heading to the bottom of the waterfall. If you witness the entire route during the monsoon season, there are picturesque landscapes everywhere. 4,444 travellers can stop where they want and click on any number of photos.

pandavkada falls kharghar

Pandavkada Waterfall (Pandavkada Waterfall) is located near an ideal tourist destination that can be visited by some people. Destinations include the famous Elephant Cave (famous for its history and sculptures), Kanara Bird Sanctuary, Kargar Hill, and Kanara Fort. These places are close to the waterfalls and tourists can easily visit them. There are also several hotels near Pandavkada Falls.

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Best Time to Visit At Pandavkada Waterfall

Pandavkada Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. The best time to visit the waterfall is at the end of winter (January to March) and during the cool and pleasant monsoon season. During this time the temperature is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, and the water flow is very strong. Kharghar hills in winter are also soothing.

pandavkada waterfalls
pandavkada falls picture

So are you ready to pack up and let the rust off your cycles? There are also many movie theatres, temples and hotels around these places. So, there won’t be a point where you don’t have anything else to do or go to. These places also have a golf course, carnivals and other forts around. Since it is very close to the city, you can come here anytime and go back in few hours. Cycling and trekking here at weekends or every morning will help you. It will reduce your professional burnout and stress.

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man at pandavkada waterfalls
pandavkada falls 1

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