Mumbai – A City Of Day Dreamers And Night Thinkers.

Mumbai – A City Of Day Dreamers And Night Thinkers.

We all know Mumbai (formerly called as Bombay) as the financial capital of India, but for people lived or living in this city, Mumbai is an emotion. This is a place where a normal college student get into the fast flowing glamour of this city.

This city can not only make you a superstar, businessman or independent, but also make you a struggler for daily food. This cinema never showed us the true image of this metropolitan city. This city has a night life where college youngsters do overtime in order to make money for paying fees and to afford their basic living.

A city which has clubs where you can get costly drinks, but a city which also has strong police force which fines you for drink and drive, make sure that Mumbaikars are save from crimes. From the rickshaw driver to a rich person in Audi or Jaguar, all of them drive on roads of this never sleeping city as if the roads belongs to them. People are judged based on their flow in speaking English, dressing and sense of humor. It is not at all easy to survive college life of Mumbai with marginal money.

Mumbai Colleges generally have three type of groups. First among them is group of rich and famous people. ‘Their father earn in lakhs and they spend in thousands’. Second among them are middle class students who are struggling to get good grades and are less into social parties but does outing and bunk lectures. Third among them are strugglers who are normally migrated from different cities or states and try to adjust the openness and diversify cultural life of Mumbai. They work in part time, lives in groups as paying guest as rents in Mumbai are too expensive and survive in the hope to achieve their dreams.

Mumbai – A City Of Day Dreamers And Night Thinkers

The beauty of this city one can experience when one travel on the local train. Honestly, local trains of Mumbai can be the best or the worst experience (Hope you never caught Virar fast on peak hours in western line or Kalyan fast in central line). Diversity of Mumbai can been seen when you travel on local. You will find people from all parts of India, living united and really everyone has an amiable approach towards you if you are new in this city. Mumbai is a dreamland for many, but hardly few can achieve those dreams. It all depends on one’s journey and experience one might feel when sea touch the beaches or the bright lights of the queen of necklace Marine lines, where a thinker thinks about his next step to achieve his day dream what he dreamt while mourning his struggle for living on the streets of Mumbai city.

Marine drive
Queen Of Necklace Marine lines

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