Maruti Temple Goa – Home to Solitude & Spirituality

Maruti Temple Goa – Home to Solitude & Spirituality

Are you concerned about your parents and grandparents getting bored with your family trip to Goa? Are they annoyed because you have not added anything that they would love to your itinerary? We have got you covered! You can go to Maruti Temple that is located on the Altinho hilltop in Panjim.

It is above the district of Fontainhas. As the name suggests, it is a temple of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Ram is very well-known. You must know Lord Ram from the ancient epic Ramayan. He was his incarnation and helped him fight against the Ravan.

maruti temple
maruti temple panjim

Maruti Temple Goa History

The Portuguese destroyed all the Hindu temples in Goa for the propagation of Christianity. This Hanuman temple Panjim was built after that time. Until the pestering of the Portuguese was over, devotees went to the temple without letting the rulers know. After their reign was completed, they build a wonderful shrine with intricate architecture. It is lighted with several lightings and oil lamps.  It adds to the temple’s beauty. You can also spot the Maruti temple from a distance. These are the reasons for the arrival of numerous tourists here annually.

maruti temple structure
maruti temple steps

How to reach Maruti Temple?

Its location is in Panjim, North Goa. After you reach Panjim, you can catch a bus from the Kadamba bus stop. It is just 3.3 kilometres away from it. If you are coming by train, you can get down at Vasco Da Gama station. It is 28 kilometres away. You can come by roadways once you get down at Vasco Da Gama station. Maruti Temple Panjm is 17 kilometers away from Mapusa. So, you can come through roadways from here as well.

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The architecture of Maruti Temple Goa

This temple is one of the prettiest and hidden places in Goa. Major people are in rush to go to beaches, churches and casinos and they simply forget to visit such peaceful places. As it has an opening in its basement wall, you can witness the amazing idol of Lord Maruti even from the main road.

maruti temple panjim gate
Maruti temple goa

The intricate and small sculpturing in the octagonal lamp tower or also known as deepastambha will enchant you. Maruti temple Panjim also possesses an extraordinary architecture called Shri Maruti Sansthan. It has a colour bright orange. The green natural background behind this structure enhances its beauty.

There is also an old freshwater spring on the Mala foothill. It flows naturally through its wide steps. It used to be a source of water for residents in the past and continues to do so. It further flows into a reservoir after the collection of water from three tanks.

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Festival at Maruti Temple Goa

If you are someone who enjoys religious festivals, then we have a real treasure for you at this temple. There is a 10-day festival celebrated every year in February. A lot of devotees come here to attend it. It is your perfect opportunity to get your mind and soul rejuvenated.

Maruti temple Gate
maruti temple entrance

Best Time to visit

If you want to attend the 10-day celebration, then you should come in February. But if you are coming to visit the temple, then you can come during winter. It will be favourable for you to mediate and roam around in the wild without having to worry about getting tanned. The timings of the Maruti temple are 5 am to 8 pm.

maruti structure
maruti mandir
Main maruti temple

There are also various other churches and temples near Maruti Temple Goa. 

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