Knock Knock, Who is there? – I am a Water Bottle

Knock Knock, Who is there? – I am a Water Bottle

Knock knock, who is there? I am someone you all know and always carry me. Come on you can guess. I am always there with you. Okay, I will give you a hint. I am the only ray of hope while a person is thirsty and always search me inside a bag. Did you get me? I know you all are smart, but still this is a time to reveal who I am. I am a water bottle.

                I am a water bottle, but not ordinary bottle. I am a plastic bottle which you could buy if you just have twenty rupees in your pocket. Yes, you have bought me either on railway station, in the airport or anywhere when you felt thirsty. I am always there at your service sir. But I am bit sad for your behavior towards me. After I provide you water, you just thrown me anywhere. You throw me outside the window if driving on the road or you through me on the railway tracks, on the beach and where every possible. Especially, at tourist spots and in the jungle, where no one comes to pick me up. Are you one of them?

                I stay there for years and years, waiting for someone to dispose me. But people just litter. They don’t even care. I wonder how I can explain you how we feel while being all alone there. Can you feel me?

                It takes me more than a four and a half century to complete my process of decomposition. Can you even survive for so long? I know you all are currently fed up with your life though you have many things and just demanding few. What I have is nothing. Imagine living a life all alone. No one to talk. I still remember the day when a group of student bought me from a shop down in the hill.

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They can to climb this mountain in which I am. They were really enthusiastic and fun loving people. Also gave few slips of water to a wild dog they found while trekking. As soon as we reach up, they sat for a while admiring the beauty of nature and took me out from bag to get a last slip. Suddenly one of his teammate ask for the picture. He closed the tap and took out his camera and make him ready for picture.

We had a lot of fun. But, as sun seem set and they can call it a day, they started moving towards base. They didn’t saw me. I was on the big rock. I thought they might return and they came back, but not for me but to find their lens of camera. After they find it right by my side, they carry it and put it in the back. Obviously I was the next thing, but still they didn’t even bother to carry me along with them.

The next day, new people came to the same rock and thrown me out from the cliff. I rolled and get stuck with some creepers along the edge of cliff. I was torn and dirty. Now I can even see humans around me. At night when wolf woofs and night jessamine giving out its beautiful aroma, I was there crying as I felt really alone and I was lonely.

                But now, I am habitual but that day again I saw my past rolling by the cliff, I hold him up. We both today are waiting for someone to carry us and put it in disposal can so that we can recycle. We want peace, we want liberation from this pain and struggling loneliness. We want you all to understand, that please don’t just throw away. Use a disposal can so that we can again come in the cycle of life.

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