Kanheri Caves – The Most Peaceful Place Of Borivali

Kanheri Caves – The Most Peaceful Place Of Borivali

If you are someone who is scared of the newer lockdown rumours in Mumbai and just want to escape away from these stressful ways, then there is the most peaceful place right in the lap of Mumbai city. You can go to Kanheri, 200-year-old caves, located at the height of 1500 feet above sea level to enjoy the solace and solitude with required health procedures. It is the best place to interact with nature. If this short introduction interests you even a little bit, then you should just read it till the end. This is what will enable you to handle any kind of situation at Kanheri caves.

Kanheri caves way through national park
Kanheri caves mountain sculptures

Mindblowing History of Kanheri caves

Kanheri caves are also known as Krishnagiri which mean black mountains. The name of Kanheri caves is a black mountain because of its black basaltic stone. There are more than 100 Buddhist caves from the 1st century BC to the 11th century AD. In olden times, the role of this place was of school and pilgrimage centre of Buddhists in the Mauryan and Kushan empires. This place was used for mediation in the past too.

It also signifies the focal point of Buddhist settlement. The Kanheri caves location is in Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is in Borivali city. It resides in the western outskirts of Mumbai city. The belief about these caves is that they are built from rock-cut monuments.

What do these silent caves hide?

The Borivali Kanheri caves are full of paintings, structures and monuments. The structure of old caves and the new caves is different. And if you are an archaeology or history student, then you will be surely able to see the difference.  The older caves are simple while the newer caves are very sophisticated. The inspiration of these paintings, monuments and sculptures are from the old Buddhist motifs.

Kanheri caves sculptures
Kanheri caves sculptures stone

There are several Devanagari and Brahmi epigraphs and inscriptions. One of these Kanheri caves Borivali national park are turned into a beautiful monastery and is a significant place for the Buddhists. Around these caves, there is greenery to soothe your eyes. This black and green combination will be very great for your mental health.

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Shortcut to reach Kanheri caves

To understand how to go to Kanheri caves, you first need to understand the location of the national park. The national park is in Borivali and the caves are at a distance of 5 kilometres. So to reach Borivali, you need to get down at Dadar station and catch a Borivali train from western railways. Then using roadways, you can easily reach the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You can also catch a bus or your vehicle for Borivali.

The nearest airport to Borivali is Mumbai Airport. Other airports in proximity are Pune, Surat, Aurangabad and Nashik airports. You need to pay 58 rupees per person at the entry of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Amazing ways to spend time at Kanheri Caves       

If you love to gather knowledge, then you will love listening to the guide’s knowledge. But what if you are an active person and find all such lectures boring? Kanheri caves have a wonderful option for you too. You can rent cycles and do cycling in the park. The refreshing air while cycling will simply rejuvenate your mind. And if you are a foodie then some restaurants serve all kinds of delicacies here.

Kanheri caves view
Kanheri caves black mountain

And if you are a photographer, then you can capture the best views for your Instagram pages. With the peace around, you can easily shoot vides and reels with nature’s voices. This location is just perfect for your pre-marriage photoshoot. There are also waterfalls around the caves. Moreover, the small mountains will satisfy the needs of your inner trekker as well. There are also meditation rooms and hotels for those who want to stay longer. Isn’t this place like that all-rounder topper in the class who makes everyone happy?

Beautiful places to visit near Kanheri caves

You can visit 109 special entrances and basalt formations along with deciduous green forests and ancient architecture. Each cave also has a rock bed. There are congregation halls with huge stupas too. You can relish the secret and beauty of 34 unfinished paintings of Buddha. There are prayer halls or viharas. Further, you can also go to planned tours, rappelling, Silondha trail.

Kanheri caves stairs
Kanheri caves Artictecture

You can also enjoy the mini-train ride in National Park. The cost of a mini-train is 50 per adult and 19 rupees per child. You can also enjoy Safari. It costs 77 rupees for an adult and 31 rupees for a child. You can also do bird watching. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is home to many birds such as Sunbird, Malabar Whistling Thrush and Kingfisher. It resides in animals such as leopards, foxes, boars, macaques, civets, lions and antelopes.

It homes 172 types of butterflies as well as Crocodiles. You can also go to Crocodile Park. There is also a Jain temple where you can see many beautiful structures and statues of their Gods and Goddesses. The aesthetic Mahatma Gandhi Memorial wonderfully summarizes the life of the Father of the Nation.

Kanheri caves house
old Buddhist motifs sculptures

Now that you have come to the heart of India, which is Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, you can easily visit nearby tourist places such as Gateway of India, various beaches as well as many shopping malls and plazas.

These beautiful caves are open from 7.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M from Sunday to Saturday. The month of October to March is the best time to visit Kanheri caves. You can enjoy it to the fullest in 2 to 4 hours. So, even if you are the busiest person in the world, you can take out few hours from your schedule to go to this gorgeous place.

It is because you deserve a break! There are no prior bookings required unless you are planning to stay here. These know exactly what kind of therapy does your mind requires.  Back your bags and get ready!

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