Kalsubai Peak- A Mother’s Lap for the Best Sunrise

Kalsubai Peak- A Mother’s Lap for the Best Sunrise


Are you tired of being indoors and spilling tea to your friends about various topics? Monotonous life is already exhausting in itself. With the work from home schedules, it might have been all the more tiring for your body and mind. These are the times that call you out for the outdoor sun. And what place can you watch the best sunrise other than the highest peak of Maharashtra itself? Yes, you have the right thought, it’s the Kalsubai Peak. Let us know more about it in detail so that you can shed off your mental fatigue.

Basic Information about Kalsubai Peak

Kalsubai height is 5400 feet from sea level. It is situated in Ahmednagar district in Akola taluka in Bari village. A lot of trekkers climb this peak as it is the highest point in Maharashtra. It is also very famous for its view of sunrise. Not only trekkers but also devotees come here to the temple near the summit.

Kalsubai sunrise

Kalsubai History

Proudly, this mountain in Maharashtra got its name from a victim of slavery. Her name was Kalsu and she lived in Indori village. As she couldn’t tolerate more of her employer’s unkindness, she ran away from there and felt safe at Kalsubai Peak. Once you climb the peak, you will also feel the same home-like vibes from here just like Kalsu did. There is also a small temple at the top of the peak as a monument of her remembrance.

kalsubai shikkar
kalsubai peak

How to Reach Kalsubai Peak?

If you are coming from Mumbai by train, you need to get down to Kasara railway station. And then, you can catch a taxi from Bari village. But if you have your vehicle, you need to go to Igatpuri after reaching Kasara and further go to Ghoti and then reach the base village.

If you are arriving from Pune, then you can come by road by reaching Sangamner, then Rajur followed by Bhandardara leading you to the base village.

Best time to visit Kalsubai Peak

You won’t believe that you can do come here most of the month. However, it is significant for you to know when to do what. But winter is the best season to visit Kalsubai. As you know by now, you can trek and camp here. You can also go to places near Kalsubai to visit. You can come during the monsoon i.e. June to September to trek only if you are an advanced trekker. Since the peak is very steep, it will be difficult for beginners to descend on slippery trails. But you cannot camp in this season.

If you are a beginner, the best time for you to trek this mountain in Maharashtra is in winter, i.e. from October to February. You can enjoy the experience of staying in the tent and enjoy the music, bonfire and food. The climate will be favourable and you will not be exhausted easily. But this won’t be the case if you go during summer, i.e. March to June. You can also do night trekking here during winter and summer and do stargazing while you are at it.

The difficulty level of Kalsubai Peak

The difficulty level of Kalsubai is moderate. There are stone steps and iron ladders on most of the way. Hence, it becomes easier to ascend as well as descend the peak. There are certain factors in case it will be more difficult for you than usual. If you have breathing difficulties or asthma, it may be difficult for you due to its steepness and cold weather during ascending. The duration of a trek to ascend is 3 hours and the descend can be completed in an hour or half. It makes the total duration roughly 6 hours.

kalsubai ladder night view
kalsubai ladder

If you have been climbing continuously for more than 3 hours, then it will be difficult for you. So, it is recommended to do night camping or at least take enough breaks.

Options to eat and stay

While you are thinking of taking enough breaks, you should know that there are many food stalls on the trails. They serve Maggi, pakoras, poha, vada-pav along with beverages and lemon juice. You should not miss the opportunity of tasting the local Maharashtrian food. You will get vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives, too. Everything is available at pocket-friendly prices and is healthy too.

You can stay in the tents that are available for rent in the winter and summer seasons. You will see the tents at the plateau right before the main top.

What to watch

  1. Sunrise

To watch the sunrise at the Kalsubai, you need to start ascending from 3:00 to 4.00 am. The sun begins to rise at 6.30. You would see hues of blue, pink, orange, purple and red at the horizon. You would not believe your eyes to witness such a wonderful miracle of nature.

  • Kalsubai temple

Once you reach the top of this peak, you will see an orange temple with the orange flag on its side. You will see a lot of devotees coming here to pray to Goddess Kalsubai. There is also a pooja that takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in this holy temple. You should also taste the sugar sweets that locals sell near the temple. You will get the best pictures here in the orange background of the temple and the blue colour of the sky. It is also a perfect spot to irritate your friends to click your silhouette pictures. As there is a lot of rush of devotees during Navratri, you should avoid coming here at that time.

  • View of other forts

You would also be able to see the view of other forts from this spot which include Harishchandragad, Ratangad, Vishramgad and Harihar gad. You can also see the forts from here which are Kulang, Alang and Madan. But you will get to see them only if there is no rain and fog.

  • Iron ladders

As the steepness of the peak made it difficult to climb it, the government has built iron ladders on the places where there are no stable stone steps. You will find most of the monkey troops on the sides of these iron ladders. So, don’t hold any eatables in your hand. You shouldn’t keep them in the outer pockets of your clothes as well as your bag.

Places to visit near Kalsubai Shikhar

If you have your vehicle and you are coming from Mumbai, then you can go to Igatpuri where there are many beautiful places. Similarly, if you are coming from Pune, you can go to Bhandardara to enjoy soothing camping by the lake. Let us know more about it along with the other places near Kalsubai.

  1. Sandhan Valley

If you want to trek more or try various adventures sports, you can go to Sandhan Valley. Its location is between Ratangad and Kalsubai in the Sahyadri range.

  • Ratangad

You can see it from Kalsubai. It is a peak in the Sahyadri range as well. You will love to trek here in the monsoon and winter.

  • Harishchandragad

This is also a steep and lengthy trek just like that of Kalsubai peak. You can go to Taramati peak, Konkan Kada as well as kedareshwar cave.

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  • Randha waterfall

Unfortunately, there are no perennial waterfalls on Kalsubai peak. So, if you are wanting to go to one, you can visit Randha waterfall. It is in the Bhandardara region. So, if you are coming from Pune, then you shouldn’t miss the golden chance.

  • Amruteshwar Temple

If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, you should surely visit this 1200-year-old temple. Its location is in Ratanwadi village of Igatpuri, so if you are coming from Mumbai through roadways, it will be on your way. It has extraordinary architecture. Archaeology Survey of India has been maintaining it.

  • Bhandardara Dam

When you are just tired of trekking, you can explore this place which is in the Nashik region. You can do camping by the lakeside, dance to your favourite song and warm yourself beside the bonfire.

 What to pack for trekking?

kalsubai top view

You need to carry trekking shoes with proper grip, energy drinks, personal medicines and dry snacks. If you are planning on doing a night trek, then you should take a torch. You are required to pack appropriate wear according to the season you are trekking in. It may include a windcheater, sun coat or sweater. Carry enough water and also an extra pair of clothes. You can keep all the extra things in the room or your car in the base village. It is better to have the least weight with you while ascending. So, take along food and water with yourself.

You should climb Kalsubai Peak once in a lifetime. You deserve to watch such splendid and majestic moments before you leave this planet.

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