I am a Tent- The shelter for Trekkers and Travelers

I am a Tent- The shelter for Trekkers and Travelers

And this is my story …… It was just another day when my threads were just weaving over a cloth-weaving machine. I was excited about what I will be. Will I be a garment used in curtains? I was very curious to know about it. The weaver kept weaving but it was just so plain. No design or anything else. Just a plain cloth. After weaving me, my unfinished clothes were tired with some iron rods and I was packed for deployment. I was a tent now.

A tent is a shelter for trekkers and travelers was what I was told by my colleagues. I just met them when I was kept in the showroom. There were shoes at one corner, bags on another. We were placed just behind the salesman’s cabin. My colleagues were there for years. They told me that no one buys them.

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tent picture with sunrise

                Just days go by, we are still on the shelf waiting for someone to buy us. All of sudden, the salesman took all of us out from the shelf and packed us in a huge bag where many other types of tents accompany me. I just got an insight that I was traveling to a destination where the sky met the mountain. We reached the destination. The buyer took a bulk order. The buyer was a broker who gives tents for rent in a beautiful and magnificent location. I just kept mesmerizing by the beauty of the location.

                There were many trekkers who used to visit the site, so we were generally engaged with many of the trekkers and listen to their stories when they were enjoying the star grazing in the night with born fire. Some of them talked about their horror experiences whereas some used to just mock to scare others. Some of them were musicians who just jam and some of them just enjoy the silence of the night.

There are many types of people I met during my life and learned a lot from them. Some were worried about their future, some just live in present. But being positive is what should be a goal for every human. But I was a tent. I just forget that I will be thrown one day.

         On cold lazy nights, I protected every trekker from the cold and make them warm so that they could sleep after a long busy journey. I am one of the important parts of their traveling, but no one respects me. They just tear me apart and my buyer used to stitch me. I just wanted to be with you but you human never treat me the way you should. So after a year, my buyer threw me away because no traveler used to choose me as I was old and dusty. He took away the iron rode and sell it differently. I am just a torn cloth left.

                Today, I am in a dumping yard waiting for my turn to get burn in the dumping zone. I was good company, wasn’t I? Anyway I will be no longer protecting you and be your shelter. But before I will go, I would like to share lessons with you.

  • Always live the moment because the ultimate truth is death
  • Respect the things which hold you up at your difficult time. It could be a human being as well.
  • Take out some time to explore yourself from your super busy schedule.
  • Always be positive.

So my times have come, I hope that my life journey made you smile. You could comment down below and share my story with your friends so that they could respect us. Thank you … I will miss you all.

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tent at mountain

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