Finding routes towards my destination – A Traveller’s Dairy

Finding routes towards my destination – A Traveller’s Dairy

I am again at work, after a weekend. Hearing firing from my boss and trying my best to hear it with a smiling face and tolerating hate comment in a lecture that lasted nearly an hour, I came back to my desk with frustration. Just like any other employee, I started doing my day job and complete the pending task which was assigned to me so that I can call it a day.

All of sudden a peon told me that HR had called me on her desk as she wants to discuss few things with me. I was assuming there might be some increment in the salary, but my HR was more worried about my Traveling holidays which I took over the past few months. She told me that the management and executives aren’t happy with my performance so they choose not incrementing my salary this year as well.

           I was a bit sad, but what could be worst. Again back on my desk doing my day job. While I was in my lunch break and I was checking my inbox, I got the photos of our last Traveling trip. That traveling trip resulted in firing from my boss and decrement in my salary.

But anyway, my energy came back. I just got back to work and completed my work. As I was moving from my office and packing my bag and made myself ready, the associate manager came to me and said, “I heard that you love traveling and normally take leaves for huge trips.

Everyone else in the management team was saying that you aren’t dedicated to your work timelines and goals, but what I saw is excellence in your work. Ideas and creativity are amazing. I wonder why they can’t see that. Though you take leaves, you complete things and there is hardly any rework.

Why don’t you justify them?” I was amazed that someone from the management team knows that I am a hard-working employee. I appreciate his consent towards me and said, “I know what to do and what not to, but traveling is something where I find myself. I take leaves to live my life, unlike many here in the office who just keep on working and impressing their bosses.

I am here impressing myself while climbing a mountain, swimming a river, rafting a boat, flying like a bird, diving in the ocean like a whale, exploring new places, new people and I honestly love doing that. I love this job as well, but I am a traveler and my life doesn’t revolve around these four walls of the office. My life also includes woods and puzzled mountain ways to reach the destination. I don’t know whether you could relate to that, but being a Traveler is something that is beyond words. It is a feeling, a moment, an emotion, and most important a way to enjoy your only birth.” After saying so much, I thought that I talked too much. The associate manager replied with an enthusiastic tone, “Wow, there is so much in you. I was searching for an Enthusiastic Traveler like you as I am a Traveler. I will get in touch with you. Please share your contact number.” I immediately wrote my contact number and greed him and left the office.

The next day, another boring schedule, same assigned task, same firing from the boss, same lunch break. But post-lunch was different. My boss informed our team that our company got a big international project and the management team is making strategies for how to deliver our product to this international firm.

Everyone was wishing luck whereas I was busy doing my task so that I could plan for my Sunday traveling plans. All of a sudden, the management team called me inside the room. I was amazed that why I out of 827 employees on the desk. I just went inside and all the management team looked at me with a smile on their face as if because of me something big happens. They welcomed me and made me sit on a chair. The associate manager told me that I was selected for this project and I will be sent aboard soon if I agree on leading this project. I was stunned and ask, “What I need to do as a leader? “ Everyone giggled and said, “You have to travel.” 

That project was based on traveling worldwide and exploring various cultures so that our product can be used by our client which is one of the Biggest Traveling Agency. Moreover, the associate who talks and introduces me as associate manager yesterday was no one but the actual Vice president of my company for International Affairs.

Sometimes you concluded that one who keeps traveling and enjoys his/her life is not a focused person about his career and goals, but one who knows that traveling is not wasting time but investing time in oneself knows how potential a traveler could be.

Imagine a traveler listen to himself and don’t think about other’s perspectives towards him. He is always told as incompetent and not a dedicated employee, but we never understood or focus on their contribution to work. We count the number of days one attends the office or the number of hours one gives, but we never consider their efficiency and potential for doing work.

If a person lives for himself, let them live and let them travel. Because, if Traveler travels, he will find the best route towards his destination and trust me, he has far better plans than a normal person ever thought about in his life. 

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