Daulatabad Fort- The Trekking that will amaze you!

Daulatabad Fort- The Trekking that will amaze you!

Daulatabad Qilla Aaa Fort is a frozen time capsule. Its location is on the top of a cone-shaped mountain in Aurangabad, about 200 meters above sea level. Its strategic location, incredible architecture and three-tiered defence system are wonderful. They make it one of the most powerful mountain forts in the state.

Daulatabad Fort History

devgiri fort
devgiri killa

At the beginning of 1327, the Tuqlak dynasty conquered the city of Dijri. During this time, they changed the name of the place from Djiri to Daulatabad. In 1328, Daulatabad was completely annexed by the Delhi Sultanate. And it became the capital of the Tughrak Dynasty for the next two years. A large number of people moved to Daulatabad and established the Tuqlak dynasty in the city. Due to the lack of water supply in the area, the rulers of Delhi abandoned the city. Within two years, the capital of the Tuqlak dynasty moved to Delhi. Thus, he made Daulatabad an abandoned country.

devgiri fort struture
chand minar

Daulatabad Fort Architecture

Daulatabad Fortress makes it one of the best-preserved fortresses in the country. Its location is at the top of a cone-shaped hill. And the surrounding of the lower part has a moat.  The moat has crocodiles to protect the entrance from the enemy. The entire fort receives protection from several forts. During the Tuqlak dynasty, several cannons were further reinforced.  And they built a 5-kilometre fortified wall to protect the majestic building.

devgiri fort gate

There are various mazes and puzzles at the entrance of the Dabao Gate. It serves the purpose of being a  strategic measure to prevent the entrance of the unknown. During the Tuqlak dynasty, they built a 30-meter long Chand Minar in the fort.

Chand Minar
Chand Minar

How to get there?

Daulatabad Fort Maharashtra is about 10 kilometres from the city of Aurangabad. You can reach this city from Mumbai or Pune. There are several buses from Mumbai to Aurangabad and the trip takes 11 hours. If you plan to travel by train, it will take you 6-8 hours to travel from Mumbai. Compared to Mumbai, Aurangabad is closer to Pune. This is a 4-hour train ride and the bus will take roughly the same time.

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Aurangabad Places to Visit

 1. Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves

The carving of Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves took place from huge rocks on the hillside. They represent the art, history and culture of the past era. Today, Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves are UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 64 rock caves. Their location is near the city of Aurangabad. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad are world-famous. They are famous for the art and skills of Indian craftsmen.

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 2. Chini Mahal

It is a beautiful historic castle located in Daulatabad. Chini Mahal. On the way to Ellora’s cave, you will come across this Mahal. It looks like a small place from the outside. But when you enter the Mahal, you will be in awe to find that it is big as seen from the outside.

3. Chand Minar

Alauddin Brahman Shah built it in 1435 AD. It is 63 meters high and stands in front of the Jumma Mosque. He built it with 3 circular balconies. It has defensive and religious functions in the fortress. This circular tower with three balconies has similar characteristics to Delhi’s Qutub Minar.

4. Hemadpanthi Temple Mosque

This is a place that brings harmony to the Hindu and Muslim communities. The location of the temple mosque is in Daulatabad. It is one of the unique religious destinations because the use of this site is both a temple and a mosque. The outside looks like a temple, but the inside looks like a mosque.

daulatabad entry

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One of the most challenging parts of visiting Daulatabad Fort is to reach the top. You can reach there only through walking.  You must climb 750 stairs, which may take 1 to 3 hours, depending on your speed. The difficulty level is easy to medium, there are some dark areas along the way, you need to bring a flashlight. You will also experience the peculiarities of the Daulatabad Fort. For example, there are not two entrances facing each other.

daulatabad steps
daulatabad gate

It is very interesting to notice and observe when you go. All the effort and time are worth beholding from the top of the mountain. It is a fascinating testament to the splendour of medieval architecture.


  • Hire a local guide to learn about the history of this place.
  • Bring your bottled water and groceries, because it’s hard to find food stalls near the fort.
  • If you plan to hike to the top of Daulatabad Fort, please wear suitable shoes and comfortable clothes. Resting between trips is also essential.
daulatabad city

If you are an aesthetic lover who adores amazing architecture, then you should not miss visiting this place. The unity of Hindus and Muslims is worth witnessing. Trekking here once in a lifetime is something you should look forward to.

daulatabad structure
daulatabad fort architecture
daulatabad killa


  1. Why was the Daulatabad fort built?


    One of the most encouraging aspects of Daulatabad Fort is its design. This is what makes it one of the strongest forts in the Middle Ages. They built it on a 200-meter-high conical hill. It provides this great fortress with a strategic location. It also gives architectural beauty and protection against enemies.

  2. Who built the Daulatabad fort?

    King Rashtrakuta built it who built the world-famous Kailasa Cave.  Yadavas ruled it from 1187 to 1318 AD.

  3. Who changed the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad?

    In 1327, Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq changed the name of the city to Daulatabad. And he moved his imperial capital from Delhi to the city. Then he ordered Delhi to of the population emigrated to Daulatabad on a large scale.

  4. How to reach Daulatabad fort from Aurangabad?

    The location of the fort is on the outskirts of Aurangabad. It is on the Aurangabad-Ellora Highway (National Highway 211). You can reach there by bus or taxi.

  5. Who shifted his capital from Delhi to devagiri and why?

    Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq moved his capital from Delhi to Devagiri. He did so to better manage South India and move everything

daulatabad ka kila
daulatabad fort
daulatabad fort

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