Chittorgarh – A Lifestyle where heritage meets Culture

Chittorgarh – A Lifestyle where heritage meets Culture

Chittorgarh (also pronounced as Chittaurgarh) is a city and a district located in Rajasthan, India which is around 41 sq. km. Chittorgarh is unique. Unique in all sense. With a unique culture, powerful roots of glory, and victory with a royal attitude, Chittorgarh has some of the most flabbergasting experiences one can ever indulge in. It is a place of pride, traditions, and magnificent gesture with amiable and loving nature. Not only the aforementioned facts, but Chittorgarh is also a place where one can experience a lifestyle where heritage meets culture.


When I claim the Chittorgarh lifestyle as unique, I never categorized it in a to-do list. Chittorgarh’s lifestyle is unique in its own sense, with robust etiquette and loyalty towards the royal king then and for India now. In this blog, I am going to take you on an amazing journey of Chittorgarh, which can give you a clear picture of why I am glorifying Chittorgarh as one of its kind.

As soon as you step down from the train at Chittorgarh on Chittaurgarh Jn. Railway station, a different vibes hit you. Gate from where we step out includes painting of glory and pride which defines the history of Chittorgarh. The lifestyle of the royal family and heritage of Chittorgarh dignify the pride among the locals living in this city. Rickshaw, ready for depart towards interior parts of Chittorgarh waiting for you. Though there will be bargaining with rates, that is all where the fun resides.

Chittorgarh houses

With honesty and reliability, and smiling faces of locale looking towards you as a hope for their tonight meal, these locale rickshaw drivers rely upon tourist and traveler who travels for a marvelous visit of the largest fort in India, founded by Mori Rajput ruler, Chitrangada Mori (due to which originally Chittor fort was called as Chitrakut) for their income.

Chittorgarh has some unique characteristics. Developed during Mori (Maurya), and carried forward by various dynasties that can make us understand how beautiful intercultural significance could restructure in designing variety in cultural rituals. As soon as you step out and understand how well they treat animals, your soul will get the bliss. The open birds, out in the sky chirping, the fearless healthy street dogs, roaming cows and buffaloes with no fear is something that mesmerized me with the beauty of the Chittor.


The industries such as Chanderiya Lead-Zinc Smelter, which is the largest smelting unit in the world with the high standard of galvanizing grade are some of the value of their skillful hands. Vendors waiting for you to buy things. They always have a sweet gesture, greet everyone with a smile, and always come forward to help. The tourist and travelers visit this place for India’s largest fort, which comes under UNESCO world heritage site and has a glorious and breathtaking history, the Chittorgarh Fort, which plays an important part in structuring and organizing the mindset of locale staying in Chittorgarh.

Chittorgarh fort gaumukh kund

The bravery of Queen Padmini, and the event of Jauhar happened in this fort signifies the importance of this fort for Rajputs. Though, there are many arguments about how appropriate these historic events were among historians, but I can assure you that Jauhar has a unique place in the culture of Chittorgarh. Jauhar Mela, a festival which is celebrated annually in this city is one of the biggest festivals for Rajputs, remembering the glory of three Jauhar happened in Chittorgarh fort, near Kirti Stambh.

Suraj Pole
Kriti Stambh
Meera temple
Meera Temple

The air of this city, includes the aroma of justice and never losing attitude. Maharana Pratap Jayanti on the birth of the legendary king and visionary Maharana Pratap is also an important festival celebrated every year on the 3rd day of Jayestha Shulka. This festival glorifies and remembers the contribution of Maharana Pratap Ji. The occasion is celebrated by the pooja (puja, prayers) and various debates are organized on the theme of Maharana Pratap Ji. Teej, the festival of swing is celebrated which is very unique and attractive.


In this cultural festival as locals of Chittorgarh are farmers as well, various locales decorate swings with flowers, and young girls and women wear green-colored cloths and sing/recite various hymns on the occasion of the first monsoon shower.

Similar to the harvest of crops, the thanksgiving farmers’ festival called Rang Taras is celebrated on the 13th moon night of Chaitra. Gangaur is a festival celebrated all over the state of Rajasthan dedicated to the goddess Parvati is also celebrated in Chittorgarh, participate in worshipping and attaining bliss and blessing. Also, there is a unique festival known as Meera Mahotsav is also celebrated by the devout follower of Meerabai, the Prema Bhakt of Lord Krishna, and an inspiring poet.

chittorgarh fort
Chittorgarh Fort
Chittorgarh shop
Chittorgarh shops

Chittorgarh is vibrant, and beautiful. When you will enter the temples of Chittorgarh, you will be mesmerized with the beauty and perfection of the art inscribed in strong and rigid stone describing a whole story.    The tower of Fame, Kirti Stambh, Vijay Stambh, and other various Stambh and craved walls of the temple are beyond and beautiful. The Jain temple, Hindu Temple, and forts constructed with finest and maintained constructions could just make you wonder how beautiful things could be and how skillful Indians were during the kings’ regime.

The Rani Padmavati Palace, Fateh Sagar Palace, Bana temple, Kalika Mata Mandir, Meera temple, Ganesh Mandir, Shwetamber Jain temple, Shri Digamber Jain Adinath temple, etc. are just a few on the list. The culture of Chittorgarh, includes reflection of each and every historic event and bravely.

Kalika mata mandir
Kalika mata temple
Adbhutanath ji Temple
Adbhutanath ji Temple

The food of Chittorgarh, the Citapal (custard apple), the popular Chittorgarh Chass and Ghee with their spices taste so delicious, that you can eat till neck, but still can’t fill your hunger. The traditional clothes include dhoti Saari and most important is turban as that is the pride which every Rajput feel, describing history and culture by wearing it. Gatte ki khichdi, Dal Bati Churma, Badam Halwa, and Poha in a vegetarian diet, and Samosa, Kachori Bajra Puri, Raj Kachori, and Mawa Kachori which are famous in the whole state of Rajasthan, could be one of the best food experience one can get while exploring the lifestyle of Chittorgarh. 

Traditional Food

It’s all about how we feel. Chittorgarh isn’t just a historic place, with glory and history. It also has a vibe that you can never take out. It is an emotion that will last. It is the people who gave love. It is a motivation how we should live. It is an inspiration for how our ancestors lived. It is a culture with significance. It is the festival that can never make happiness fade away. It is a pleasure which one can’t experience elsewhere. Whenever we step forward to explore the lifestyle, we just get deep into it.


The proud Rajput. The loyal living and vibrant lifestyle with unique festivals, care for animals, camels, colorful turbans, white cloths, devotion towards God, mouthwatering food, smiling faces, prideful living, a heritage of glory could just summarize how the lifestyle of Chittorgarh is unique and wonderful. It is not just a lifestyle, it is a tradition and way to live. Chittorgarh can teach us many things and can make us realize how living life in a literal sense looks like. A lifestyle of love and compassion. A lifestyle that can only make you wonder how beautiful it seems when heritage meets culture.

Chittorgarh sunset point
Chittorgarh Sunset view

Whenever I remember Chittorgarh, I remember how free we felt. Free in a literal sense. Free from mindset. Free from tension and stress. Free from pollution. Each and every step in this city is made up of several sacrifices of great worriers. The stories of glory, the beautifully painted houses, and roads with very limited cars and bikes. The police with uniforms carry the responsibility to protect the people of Chittorgarh. The more we stay, the more you can get in love with it. There are many who visit this place as a tour, but the real beauty of Chittorgarh just does not rely on the heritage it holds, but the culture which helped in maintaining the heritage.

Chittorgarh lifestyle is a lifestyle where heritage meets culture and I can’t doubt it. Hearing the prayers and Aarti on roads of Chittorgarh, and watching sunset and night view from the YJHD(Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (A Bollywood movie)) shooting location in Chittorgarh fort, I can say, this lifestyle is best when you can feel it by yourself.

Chittorgarh Night view

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