Aarey Colony Mumbai- Chhota Kashmir of Maharashtra

Aarey Colony Mumbai- Chhota Kashmir of Maharashtra

The Aarey Colony is spread over 3,800 acres of forest. It is attracting all those who love nature or want to have a picnic with family or friends. The green forests and dense grasslands on the asphalt road are worth a visit.

Is Aarey colony safe?

It is located on the outskirts of Goregaon, this colony is known for its natural beauty. It also has a lake where families often come to picnic and enjoy the beauty. It is also famous for its dense vegetation and tree-lined trails. But despite this, it is considered an enchanted Aarey milk colony, and at night it will find its paths empty. When passing from Aarey colony road, you will feel a strange and weird feeling. This is not new. Many people will tell you that they have experienced it not once, but several times.

aarey forest
aarey lake

There are many encounters between man and nature. Most of them are with leopards “sometimes” in the dark. It happens when they visit these villages and lakes in search of water and food. But this is an extreme situation in summer, not a daily encounter.

Family and friends are attracted to this place are because it is not restricted. It is an ideal place for picnics. You can unpack the basket and bag and enjoy it. Spend quality time with your children until the evening. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery.

aarey colony farm
aarey colony leaves

Interesting Past Facts

Aarey Milk Colony is a green belt on the outskirts of Mumbai. It is an extended forest area of ​​Borivali National Park. There are many towns, attractions and more areas in Goregaon (East). The Ministry of Dairy Development has been known for its dairy farms for decades. This is the initiative of the state government’s “Aarey Milk” program known as the Mumbai Milk Program. It has been sold within Aarey Dairy since 1949.

Some of the last remaining green forests are an extension of the Mumbai area, an extension of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The dense green forests start at Borivali in Goregaon and fall back to Powai and Vihar are towards Andheri, while Yeoor Hills are towards Thane. It attracts cyclists every day, runners take the happiness and tranquillity of this mother nature in the early morning.  You get fresh unpolluted air in this forest belt. The Mumbai Metro will cut down nearly 2,500 trees and build sheds for the Mumbai Metro.

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aarey colony lake

Attention all the tree lovers!

It has at least 86 species of trees and 22 species of birds. The latest report submitted to the state emphasized the rich biodiversity in Arai province. There are approximately 290 species of wildlife in the Aarey Forest, 5 of which are characteristic animals of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). But you need to be safe from Aarey Colony animals.

aarey colony garden
aarey temple steps

What to do here?

• Chhota Kashmir

 This is a colourful garden developed in the Aarey colony Mumbai, near the Aare Journal. Wonderful flowers are everywhere in the garden, blooming all year round. The evergreen grass, tall coconut trees and beautiful palm trees planted here in the garden remind us of the natural landscape of Kashmir. This may be the reason why this garden is called “Chhota Kashmir”. Since the garden is one of the most popular places in the colony of Aarey, people often travel or have picnics here without permission. There is another popular garden at a distance of one or two kilometres. The garden is the best place for a picnic and is called a picnic place.

aarey garden lake
aarey colony play area

Over time, several places in the colony have attracted citizens and tourists because of their beauty and tranquillity. Among them, Lake Chota Kashmir (also known as Chhota Kashmir) is a major attraction for hanging out and boating. In addition to the list of attractions, there are picnic pools in Aarey, bird-watching spots, casual gathering places, biking and jogging every day to get fresh forest air, A Star Hotel and the recently proposed No. 3 subway proposal, which produced The powerful mission “Save Aarey”.

Let’s learn more about the details of all these attractions in and around the Goregaon East area connected to National Highway 8.

 • Aarey Picnic Pool

 Some people like to visit the little pond that is generally called “Aarey Picnic Pool” since 1985, surrounded by huge dense trees, it is an ideal place for recreation and picnics. Due to improper maintenance, the pond water is inaccessible and the surface of green algae. I don’t think I care about this beautiful pond. It can produce beautiful white and pink water flowers, called “Lotus”, which will automatically reproduce and maintain for many years, but this idea has not yet been resolved. The exact location of the pond is Picnic Point Garden on Dinkarrao Desai Road.

aarey garden

It is not deep after Chhota Kashmir. It is open to the public for a full 7 days, from 8:00 a.m. M. to 7:00 p. If BMC undertakes a small project to beautify Mumbai green paradise, collects some entrance fees, and takes some guided tours inside the colony to make it one of the most popular and visited places on the Mumbai Darshan list.

Best time to visit

The mountains are breathtaking in the colony and also attract many migratory birds. It is why this place has become one of the favourite bird-watching places in Mumbai. This huge colony has about 3,600 to 4,000 acres of woodland. It also attracts nature lovers who are keen to visit with glasses, experience the beautiful scenery and smell the sweetness of hay, from Monzón and Green’s road to the depths with green trees.

statue lion
aarey garden play

 Therefore, romantic couples spend time with each other in this troubled area. They have plenty of green or dry tones and edible food and water as their staple food. This is no exception. The ideal time for sightseeing and recreation in Aarey is early morning until night.

Nearby Places:

powai lake
Powai lake

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