A Part of our Heart is left with the things we leave (Bag)

A Part of our Heart is left with the things we leave (Bag)

“It has been so long since i have seen him. Does not he miss me? Doesn’t he want to see me the way I want to see him? Has he forgotten all those golden days which we spent together? Has he forgotten me completely?” Mr. Bharadwaj’s primary school bag said with tears in his eyes to Mr. Bharadwaj’s high school bag while they were sitting in a corner on a shelf in the store room of Mr. Bharadwaj’s big house and suddenly a voice interrupted their conversation. “I do not think so, he misses any of us,” the college bag said with a broken voice and with a look of despair on his face.

“I agree,”  the high school bag said with dejection.

Okay. I have one thing to tell you, buddiess college bag exclaimed.

Just now, I heard his servants talking that they are going to shift his(Mr. Bharadwaj’s) Trekking bag here which means a new member is going to join our group.

“He would not have any idea that he is being abandoned,” the primary bag said with a heavy heart.

“Hello guys, I am your new friend,” the trekking bag said with a charm as soon as the servant left him in the store room.

“how is Mr. Bharadwaj??” all the bags asked to the trekking bag excitedly.

“He is doing great, achieving new heights everyday,”

“But I did not hear any of you from Mr. Bharadwaj,” the trekking bag said.

“who are you? People, ” the trekking bag asked.

“Am I that easy to forget?” the primary bag said. ” with a suffering ” I know him from his childhood, how cute and innocent he was back then. He used to carry me on his little shoulders, how he used to keep me delicately filled with joys and delightments. I still remember how he protected me from rain even though he got drenched and fell sick on that day. He loved me and cared for me back then but after a few years when he got a new bag, he kept me here and never came back to meet me again” the primary bag concluded with pain in his eyes.

“he never mentioned me??” the high school bag said with a hurtful expression to the trekking bag.

“i still remember when he was growing up.

He was a board student, when i entered his life, a studious one and how he devoted himself completely to his goals. How he used to fill me with passion and ambition of reaching success. His first success! His board result of 98% . How happy he was that day he hugged me tightly As if he will never leave me but it has already been so many years since he abandoned me.” the high school bag almost cried.

he said nothing about me?” the college bag said with a look of shattered hopes.

” I was the one who has not left a moment to be lived . I enjoyed his company when he used to carry me carelessly yet delicately. I’m filled with lots of memories of his best days, how he used to hide me inside the cupboard, canteen and every secret place he could to bunk and enjoy life completely with his friends. Those were the days when he used to laugh fully. But now I am nothing to him. This thought is hurting me”.

The college bag sounded extremely disappointed.

“Oh! I am really sorry my friends” the trekking bag said with empathy.

“but why did he send me here? That means he has left me too. O god! How will I even survive this? How could he do this? I am dying. He loved trekking and me. I cherish the moments I lived on mountains when Mr. Bharadwaj used to carry me all the way round. I used to carry all the essentials needed by him. He took a delicate care of me. how safely he used to carry me, preventing me from being damaged. Alas! It’s just a memory now.

Those ravishing days when Mr. Bharadwaj discovered his true self, true essence of life on those mountains I was with him. But not anymore. he does not remember me.” the trekking bag cried.

All of them could not control their tears when the trekking bag said that Mr. Bhardwaj is now a big businessman and he only loves his laptop bag. He does not need any of us. He does not miss any of us. He only carries his favorite laptop bag everywhere.

And when i was coming here the office bag said to me we are meeting for the last time and i did not understand but now i know what he meant.

This is the harsh reality of life. People forget the things they do not need. And all of them hugged each other.

On the other hand Mr. Bhardwaj in his room, lying on bed  with tears rolling down his cheeks thought if he could live his childhood again, if he could relive his college life again with the same people with the same things.

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