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How do you know I am a Traveler?

How do you know I am a traveler? What resembles that tone? I thought you might be knowing me, I thought I was a clown. The only fable I love ...
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Finding routes towards my destination - A Traveller’s Dairy

Finding routes towards my destination – A Traveller’s Dairy

I am again at work, after a weekend. Hearing firing from my boss and trying my best to hear it with a smiling face and tolerating hate comment in a ...
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Am I Alive Traveling Made Me Alive

Am I Alive? Traveling Made Me Alive

Traveling Made Me Alive - It all started with a single smile in the hot summer days when my Traveling enthusiastic friends were telling me about their various experiences and ...
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Powai Lake

Powai Lake and Hiranandani Gardens-A scenic escape

Are you too tired to do trekking? And malls just bore you. Same old eating joints aren’t much exciting to you. So, you should visit Powai city and Hiranandani Gardens ...
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Rasayani Panvel- Waterparks, Farmhouses and River

Rasayani is a city located in Khalapur taluka, Raigad District, in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It has a population of 72,000. How to reach Getting there from Thane to Panvel ...
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Ajanta Caves Maharashtra-UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ajanta caves' compositions and models are works of art of Buddhist strict craftsmanship. They have an extensive creative impact. Ajanta Caves location is in the north-focal territory of Maharashtra in ...
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Ellora Caves- Lap to monuments of 3 religions

A whiff of the outdated secret sits noticeably all around on the 2 km significant length. It has been a difficult undertaking of cutting wonderful surrenders out of rocks. One ...
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Bibi Ka Maqbara- Masterpiece built from son’s love

Taj Mahal dominates when it comes to the monument of love. This is why Bibi ka Maqbara Aurangabad is not much known. But when you understand the depth of the ...
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Aarey Colony Mumbai- Chhota Kashmir of Maharashtra

The Aarey Colony is spread over 3,800 acres of forest. It is attracting all those who love nature or want to have a picnic with family or friends. The green ...
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Harishchandragad Fort- Unbelievable Heaven on Earth

The Harishchandragad Fort trek is one of the most challenging areas. It is in the Western Ghats in western Maharashtra. This is a popular trek, which offers a variety of ...
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Peb Fort / Vikatgad Trek: – A Trek with the Mysterious route in Matheran Ranges

Peb fort, also called Vikatgad is located at the height (Peb fort height) of 2100ft approximately, and is one of the best places to visit in the Ranges of Matheran ...
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Daulatabad Fort- The Trekking that will amaze you!

Daulatabad Qilla Aaa Fort is a frozen time capsule. Its location is on the top of a cone-shaped mountain in Aurangabad, about 200 meters above sea level. Its strategic location, ...
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Karnala Fort- A Gorgeous World In a Bird Sanctuary

This 12th-century monument is called Funnel (Karnala Fort) because of its fascinating shape. Keep your bags ready to visit this beautiful place.   Karnala Fort Details: Karnala Trek Difficulty levelMedium ...
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pandavkada falla navi mumbai

Pandavkada Falls-Cyclists’ Heaven & Kharghar Hills

Pandavkada Falls is a 107-meter high waterfall near Mumbai. It is 12 kilometres from the Kharghar Hills. It flows through the mountains of the Western Ghats of Mumbai. And it ...
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Prabhalgad fort

A Journey To Remember: Prabalgad Fort Maharashtra!

- Mesmerizing Experience at the Top! Mountains are one of the most significant aspects of our nature. The speciality of the mountain region is the biodiversity, rich air, clean water, ...
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May be, I was just another chapter of history books – The Fort’s Biography

I am a fort and today is my birthday. I was built in order to protect the civilians from enemies who tries to invade the territory. With an abundance amount ...
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I wish I could hack the time: A Wristwatch’s story

Time, an important factor of human life which most of the human just forgotten while they are busy in fulfilling their ambitions or greed. They trade it for money, fame, ...
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dog photo at foggy mountain

Story of a Travel Guide: Dog’s Dairy – An Autobiography

I am a Dog, and I don’t have any specific name just like you human, but locals call me Muttu. I was born here in the woods of this mountain ...
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Aurangabad’s Lifestyle: – The City of Rich Culture and Heritage

Aurangabad, a small city is known for its great culture and heritage is located in the Marathwada region, on the hilly upland terrain. Being one of the populous urban areas ...
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She Is Yet To Find Herself

Neither completely lost, nor completely known She's stuck in oblivion, lighting her candle alone. She wore her scars as her armourDefeating the horde that can harm herSomething was in pieces ...
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girl painting the wall picture

She Painted The Walls Of The City When Everyone Was Trying To Ruin It

She painted the walls of the city when everyone was trying to ruin it. The city where each and everyone has a lot of dreams, ambitions, and wishes to be ...
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Pune – A City Of Peshwas Then, Rising Economy Now

Pune is a beautiful city in Maharashtra. It is the second-largest metropolitan city after Mumbai in this Indian state. Pune city is covered with mountains and has a dry, semi-arid ...
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Just like the Moon, She fell in Love with Darkness

With five empty cups of Coffee on the Desk, around fifty crumpled pages littered in her room, ANIA yet again tried to scribble something different on her pages but it ...
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How do you know I am a Traveler?

How do you know I am a traveler? What resembles that tone? I thought you might be knowing me, I thought I was a clown. The only fable I love ...
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