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Vasai fort

Nature Tales Of VASAI FORT: An Ideal Choice Worth?

- A City of Ruins! Amidst the coastal ruins and the salty smell of the sea, surrounded with strong coconut trees Bassein fort, admiringly known as Vasai fort nestles. The ...
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Gateway of India picture

Phenomenal Facts Of GATEWAY OF INDIA, Arabian SEA!

- Exploring the Unexplored! Mumbai city attracts a frivolous number of tourists across the globe. Due to its blending nature with diverse kinds of people. And because of the history, ...
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Mandapeshwar Caves

Exploring Mandapeshwar Caves Borivali | Maharashtra

Mandapeshwar Caves holds a brief history of various incidents that led to innumerable conflicts of pride. Pride of faith and culture! - Unwinding the Treasure of Past! The name, ‘Mandapeshwar ...
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Sion fort

Sion Fort – A forgotten gem of the city

Will you believe when I say there is a 350-year-old grade-1 heritage fort situated in the heart of Mumbai that you can visit anytime during the day? Yes, I'm talking ...
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A One Day Trip to Elephanta Caves

The History of Elephanta Caves: The caves are assumed to be built between the 5th and 8th century C.E. It consists of two Buddhist and five Hindu caves. The island ...
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Prabhalgad fort

A Journey To Remember: Prabalgad Fort Maharashtra!

- Mesmerizing Experience at the Top! Mountains are one of the most significant aspects of our nature. The speciality of the mountain region is the biodiversity, rich air, clean water, ...
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Kothaligad Fort: A Key to Success

A thumb-shaped architecture situated in the vicinity of Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary, Kothaligad fort is going to grab your attention. Also known as Peth fort, the location was primarily used as ...
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She Is Yet To Find Herself

Neither completely lost, nor completely known She's stuck in oblivion, lighting her candle alone. She wore her scars as her armourDefeating the horde that can harm herSomething was in pieces ...
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Just like the Moon, She fell in Love with Darkness

With five empty cups of Coffee on the Desk, around fifty crumpled pages littered in her room, ANIA yet again tried to scribble something different on her pages but it ...
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